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Industrial services

Innovation is our standard. EWAC Industrial works out the best possible solution for the technical challenges our customers face. We do not think in standard solutions that might work in most cases but we always go one step further to ensure customer satisfaction. We look beyond the initial request. We are willing to discuss the entire process chain with our customers, so that we can work out an optimal solution within the given constraints.

Our strength lies in the fact that we can manage entire improvement projects in-house:
>Technical issue > Conceptual Engineering> Analysis and calculation > Detailed Design > Manufacturing > Verify and approve > Supply > Install> Set to use

Our passion

Our passion lies in applying our technical knowledge to the benefit of our customer, enabling them to improve. We have in-house knowledge and expertise in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering. Our experience focusses on the area of Mechanical Engineering, in particular in the application of materials with a high resistance to corrosion, high strength or high temperature resistance.

We have experience in building systems and components for the (petro)chemical , pharmaceutical and nuclear industry. EWAC is active in engineering and implementing high-quality technical solutions for more than 25 years. We offer high-quality solutions, which are often subject to legislation for pressure vessels (ASME / PED) and approval by an independent notified body (Lloyds / DNV).