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Reactors and Autoclaves

For Research and development of new reaction processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry, we design and manufacture, the most diverse reactors and autoclaves in collaboration with our customers. In general, the pressures and temperatures under which reactions take place become higher and higher, and sometimes the corrosive properties of the medium also plays an important role. It is our challenge to find the right material for the design within the specified design criteria that complies with the applicable regulations.
On the photos below various reactors and autoclaves we have manufactured recently are shown. This serves as an impression of the experience of EWAC in the design of reactors and autoclaves.
High pressure reactor
Reactor is provided with cooling coil and heating jacket. Material: 1.4571, P = 60 bar, T = 125 ° C.
The condenser is provided with a cooling coil for the condensation of a hot gaseous substance. Material: Hastelloy, P = 15 bar, T = 300 ° C.
Fluidized bed reactor
Reactor with a capacity of 14,000 liters for research of reactions in a fluid medium. Material: 1.4404, P = 0.5 bar, T = 30 °C. 
Folding Stew
For heating a pressure vessel. An easy to open electric heating device with Hotfingers. Whole design and feedback to the customer was done using 3D/CAD, SolidWorks.
Low pressure reactor
Reactor for reactions under reduced atmospheric conditions.
For the separation of solid particles from a fluid. Material: 1.4402, P = 33 bar, T = 60 ° C
In this reactor, a gas under a very low temperature (-196 ° C) is liquefied by pumping liquid nitrogen through the jacket. 
Research column
Is equipped with sight glasses on both sides to enable to visually  inspect and expose the process over the entire length of the column (4.5m). Fluid with solid particles. Material: 1.4402, P = 23 bar, T = 30 °C.