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Engineered under pressure

EWAC Industrial has been engineering and manufacturing customer-specific solutions for more than 25 years. Our customers are represented in various industries such as nuclear medicine, chemicals, petrochemicals and yacht building.

Because of our high-end engineering, we are able to work out different solutions before engineering the final design. We possess thorough knowledge of technical systems and how to apply various design codes, such as the rules for pressure vessels, construction and shipbuilding. We are highly capable of solving your technical challenges and often come up with surprising and innovative solutions.

The unique combination of high-quality engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship in the same company gives us a competitive edge with respect to other engineering agencies. We make sure that we design for manufacturability and feasibility. The responsibility for designing and manufacturing lie within the same company, which reduces the risk significantly and ensures short lead times. Because we work with a small and dedicated team, our communication lines are short and we can deliver on time.


We offer tailor made solutions and are not afraid of technical challenges.



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