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Pressure vessels

EWAC Industrial is focused on the manufacturing of custom made pressure vessels. We often take the lead in translating customer requirements into a physically feasible pressure vessel, taking the applicable laws and regulations into account. Because each design is unique, together with our customer we formulate the functional requirements, and we work out the design of the pressure vessel on a drawing. After verification of this design by the customer, as well as the Notified Body (Lloyds/DNV), we can manufacture the pressure vessel in-house completely. Below some examples are shown of pressure vessels that we have manufactured. This gives an impression of our capabilities.
Liquid / liquid separator
Example of a separator under very high pressure (150 bar).  This device is equipped with sight glasses so the customer is able to see the transition area between the two fluids inside the seperator. Material: Stainless steel 1.457; Pressure: 150 bar.
Installation for removing pollutants from the emissions of a chemical process. This so-called gas scrubber is entirely built out of duplex due to the severe corrosive process conditions. Material: 1.4462; Pressure: atmospheric.
Series of Pressure Vessels
Small series of five pressure vessels for a pilot plant. The vessels are equipped with a connection flange for mounting a level-measuring instrument. Material: 1.4404; Pressure: 2 bar.
Reaction Column
Reaction Column for a petrochemical pilot plant.
Feed Vessel
Ftted in a mobile frame, for use in a production line. The vessel has been equipped with an instantaneously lockable funnel for easy charging of the vessel.
High pressure separator
Pressure vessel for the separation of liquids at high pressure. In the photo, the vessel is tested at a pressure of 290 bar.
Three-phase separator
For the separation of three distinct phases in a pilot plant. Material: Hastelloy, P = 250 bar, T = 120.
High pressure separator
Separator for the separation of different phases of fluids. Material: Hastelloy, Pressure: 250 bar, Temperature: 350 ° C
Pressure Vessel
Pressure vessel for pilot plant.
The condenser is equipped with a cooling coil for the condensation of a hot gaseous substance. Material: Hastelloy, P = 15 bar, T = 300 ° C.
Mixing vessel
For the production of soap suspensions. The vessel is equipped with an agitator that produces an output of approximately 3kW. The vessel can be emptied under pressure. The underside of the vessel is equipped with a heating jacket. Material: 1:44:04 P = 2 bar, T = 120 ° C.